The Modern Day American Terrorist


As many by now are aware of comments made by Senator Harry Reid labeling patriot groups involved in the Bundy ranch standoff as domestic terrorists, many more remain unaware of the greater overall picture this paints. It is a picture painted by the federal government that depicts the modern day American citizen as a terrorist for protesting against the legitimacy of the federal government.

In fact, questioning the legitimacy of the government today serves as one example among hundreds the FBI characterizes as potential indicators of terrorist activities. For instance, according to a few of the indicators to look for regarding terrorist activity, buying in bulk basically anything with cash should be reported to the authorities. Other indicators include such things as, people in places where they do not belong, vehicles that appear to be overloaded and people overly dressed for the weather.

What the FBI is attempting to do is to empower the federal government via the public community by creating paranoia in having the public spy on and report activity that is truly mundane in Americans day to day lives. Ultimately what we are witnessing today is the shift in the narrative that surrounds counterterrorism operations. The narrative was initially based upon the threat of Muslim fundamentalists following the September 11th attacks,now the focus of the government has shifted to suspicions of gun owning, law-abiding citizens.

As the U.S. government grows more and more concerned by the prospect of a well-armed educated populace, those who align with conservative ideologies and are politically active, now become the radicalized extremists. This is also why stemming domestic radicalization has now become a key element of today’s counterterrorism strategy.

According to remarks by Lisa Monaco, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, there are certain warning signs a person who is becoming radicalized exhibits that local communities must be made aware of. Before explaining what these warning signs are, it is important to remember Monaco’s definition of a local community. She states, “Faith leaders, school teachers, friends-and especially mothers and fathers and families-will always be the best positioned to identify individuals in a community who might be susceptible to radical messages and violence”.

For instance, “parents might see sudden personality changes in their children at home-becoming confrontational”. Report them to the authorities. “Religious leaders might notice unexpected clashes over ideological differences”. Report them to the authorities. “Friends might notice a new interest in watching or sharing violent material”. Report them to the authorities. In what Monaco describes as the Obama administrations “counterterrorism strategy”, common sense is replaced by paranoia and suspicion.

Your friend, your student and your child’s normal behavior has now become an indicator of a serious problem. This strategy to counterterrorism relies on the governments belief that Americans lack the ability to recognize such mundane behaviors as normal and therefore will report such activities to the authorities.

What the government bureaucracy wants you to believe is everything but the statistics upon which their argument is based. In other words, politics over policy and facts. The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) informs the public of the statistics that this adminstration doesn’t want you to know in its 40 year study labeled Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism in the United States.

This data-sheet serves of utmost importance as it provides crucial detailed information on organizations known to have engaged in terrorist activity against targets on U.S. soil between 1970 and 2011. The study found that, “Between 1970 and 2011, 32 percent of the perpetrator groups were motivated by ethnonationalist/separatist agendas, 28 percent were motivated by single issues, such as animal rights or opposition to war, and 7 percent were motivated by religious beliefs”.

In addition, “11 percent of the perpetrator groups were classified as extreme right-wing, and 22 percent were categorized as extreme left-wing“.

Yet, rhetoric by our government and the democrat party rejects and negates such findings as popular discourse labels patriotic Americans as terrorists. Due to the constant marginalization of conservative values by the liberal left who feel empowered by an overreaching federal government, the only logical conclusion we can draw from this is what will soon become the new left’s rhetoric that sees modern day American conservatives as the terrorists.


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