The American People Must Fight The Establishment


The establishment is the elite, the career politicians backed by big government interests. The establishment is against the individual. The establishment has circumvented the constitution and destroyed the notion of a government for the people to a government for the elite. Cheryl Chumley of Police State USA writes, “If we can’t compel our leaders to act responsibly and honestly and to serve with honor and regard for the law, then that’s simply because we as a nation have lost our majority will on these points”.

Our nations leadership has truly become the “elite”, whom the majority of Americans cannot relate to, yet still they listen to. But why?

“We’re turning into a nation ruled by fear” states Chumley, ” – fear of political incorrectness, fear of attack, fear of being sued and fear of standing tall on the very principles that made us great”. The establishment has been allowed to avoid any and all accountability out of fear on behalf of the citizens who dare question it. This allows it to put itself above the rule of law and demonize those who oppose it. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Tea Party movement today.

The Tea Party represents the fight against the establishment. They are the “grassroots conservative voters of the Republican party”, states Richard Viguerie in Takeover. Grassroot conservatives like the Tea Party have been under regular attack by the very people they elected to run their party – the establishment leadership of the GOP.

The Tea Party represents the voice of the true owners of the United States of America: We The People. This reason alone is why the establishment, from Democrats, liberals and Republicans, vilify them on a routine basis as being extremists. What Americans must be made aware of is that establishment Republicans are not the conservative party.

Establishment republicans such as John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Reince Priebus and Christ Christie are just a few of the “Republicans in name only” also known as RINO‘s. Rather than standing on conservative principles by fighting the establishment, they capitulate and severe whatever ties they may have had with the people who elected them.  In joining Democrats and liberals to expand the power of the federal government by eroding the constitution, these men work tirelessly to dilute the power of grassroots conservatives and put more power in the hands of the “inside-the-beltway” Washington elite.

When John McCain rips Tea Party conservative Ted Cruz for his anti-obamacare speech, McCain speaks for the establishment. When John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, states that immigration reform is of utter importance, he speaks for the establishment. When Mitch McConnell makes such inflammatory comments about his fellow conservatives in claiming “We are going to crush them everywhere”, he speaks for the establishment.

The ultimate goal of these RINO’s is to undermine grassroots conservatives by diminishing their credibility so that they have no future voice within Republican politics. Essentially, what we are witnessing today is the creation of a rigid dichotomy between career politicians backed by big government “the elite” against the American people.

This dichotomy opens the door for abuse by the government establishment, which feeds off of the climate of fear this is intended to create. When the American public remains silent to the erosion of the Bill of Rights, the establishment grows stronger. In becoming stronger the establishment erodes the constitution. In eroding the constitution, the government becomes more powerful, more intrusive and less accountable to the rule of law.

This vicious cycle is reinforced by the false perception that it creates, the status quo. Today that status quo resembles absolute corruption from the power of the establishment and their alphabet soup of agencies to the continuous scandals that plague the White House. In the words of Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely“.

When Americans remain complacent and accept the erosion of the constitution as simply the status quo, the fight against the establishment becomes that much harder as their absolute power has gone unchecked from the rule of law. This is why the American people must fight the establishment to remind them that they are not the ones in power, for they are only as powerful as “we the people” perceive them to be.




  1. Very true article, but I have to expand it to the elites agenda, “agenda21” and the control of the world population also. I think, in the same lines that if we pull together here in the US, we can stop the rest. Have to wake up more people and start doing, before it is too late.
    You have some great articles here, thank you.

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