Convincing the American People to Support the Impeachment of Barack Obama

quote-the-accumulation-of-all-powers-legislative-executive-and-judiciary-in-the-same-hands-whether-james-madison-307954James Madison had warned us of a time such as this in Federalist No. 47 declaring that “the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny“.

The slow accumulation of power under the Obama adminstration has reached a point in which the legislative and judiciary are no longer separated, but united within the executive branch.

The President has done this strategically, willfully, and intentionally under his commitment to “fundamentally transform the United States of America“.

“The ‘fundamental transformation’ he promised”, states Andrew McCarthy, “involves concentrating power into his own hands by flouting law – statutes, judicial rulings, the constitution itself – and essentially daring the other branches of government to stop him”. The President strategically seeks to agglomerate more power in the federal executive branch, enabling him willfully, without meaningful opposition, to intentionally remake our nation.

The President is successfully transforming a society rooted in individually liberty and private property into one modeled on top-down, redistributionist statism which advances by increasingly concentrating governmental power. The more concentrated the governmental power, the more lawless and tyrannical the President becomes.

We have reached this point as we know that Congress will not pursue the power of the purse to rein in Obama’s lawlessness, we are left with only one option. That option being the impeachment of the President of the United States.

As McCarthy further notes, “impeachment is the only other alternative to the current Congress’s obviously preferred course of action. If you won’t defund malfeasance, you have to remove it – or accept it”. Simply put, there is no other course.

As George Mason famously questioned over two hundred years ago, “Shall any man be above justice“?

From the perspective of an ordinary American citizen like myself, the answer to this is no. The George Mason question is of utter importance and must be answered by millions of ordinary American’s in order for an actual impeachment to have standing.

While it is necessary to prove the President has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors“, it is not sufficient, for the politics take precedence. It is the public will that must be convinced that the removal of Barack Obama is warranted.

“The public must reach the conclusion”, states McCarthy, “that the constitutionally subversive nature of the impeachable offenses renders it intolerable to permit the President to continue in power; and the public must make its representatives understand that failing to act on that conclusion will shorten their cherished Washington careers”.

The legal case for impeachment against Barack Obama grows more evident as scandal upon scandal mount with each passing day.

Yesterday it was the usurpation of the legislative authority of Congress via his 18 unilateral changes to amend Obamacare without Congress. Today its the breakdown of our Border Security as known Mexican gang members are allowed to illegally enter the country to be “reunited with their families” due to Barack Obama’s granting of amnesty via his “prosecutorial discretion” not to deport minors.

The Obama adminstration’s abuse of power is troubling and outright dangerous to the fate of our country. Until the public and more importantly the media begins to acknowledge the President’s persistent pattern of lawlessness and his willingness to disregard the law, Obama will continue to enforce his own policies as he sees fit via executive fiat.

With the accumulation of all powers in the hands of Barack Obama…he may justly be pronounced the very definition of a tyrant.


  1. Excellent reasons for the impeachment of Obama, Nick. Hopefully, the Republicans will gain a majority in the Senate in November, and it might POSSIBLY happen then, but even if he were impeached now, it would go nowhere at a Senate trial.

    The thing that fries me is that every single one of those in Congress took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and they’ve shirked their duty. As A. L. Luttrell said above, just how many examples do we need?

  2. Does Obama Want to Cripple America?

    The Benghazi affair and the prisoner swap—five high-ranking Taliban leaders for SGT Bowe Bergdahl—are two more highly controversial (some might say sinister) moves by Obama; but Obama is intelligent, well-educated, and has access to security briefings at the highest level. Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

    One of the five Taliban Leaders released was the Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army and the Deputy Defense Minister who played a prominent role in assassinating the leader of the Northern Alliance as a prelude to the 9/11/01 attack on the World Trade Center Read the report on Mohammad Fazl at: A brief description of the other four prisoners’ role with the Taliban is also revealed in the article.

    Throughout his presidency Obama has taken actions which on their face appear detrimental to America. Among the more recent, Obama’s 2015 budget kills the A-10 Warthog, tank killer extraordinaire. Why? The Russians have not scrapped their tanks, but we have brought ours home from Europe. Vladimir Putin wants to restore the Soviet Empire; invading Crimea and threatening Ukraine match his action to his words.

    When Barrack Obama first ran for President, there was an obsession among some to prove he was not “a natural born citizen.” The “Birthers” ignored a far more important fact: he was not raised in America.

    At the Founding, people were not as mobile. Most Americans born here stayed here. Diplomats, merchants, and others living abroad, maintained close ties to this country. The founders wanted the President to share America’s values and an undivided loyalty to this country.

    Barrack Hussein Obama did not live in the United States during his most important formative years. According to Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson’s stages of child development, the years between age 6 and 10 (Stage 4 when children develop industry or inferiority) was a critical time in a child’s life. This is the time when people gain independence and confidence or develop deep-seated insecurities and inferiority. Obama lived those years in a chaotic Indonesia.

    Obama was born in 1961 to an American mother and a Kenyan Muslim father. His father reportedly hated colonial powers, including America. Barack’s mentor was a communist, according to Crisis magazine, a publication of Aquinas College; by his own admission Obama sought out Marxist professors and friends when he was in college.

    After his parents divorced, Obama’s mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. His step-father took the family to Indonesia when President Sukarno recalled all Indonesian students studying abroad. Barrack was 6 years old.

    Indonesia was in political and economic turmoil. In 1965, the militants attempted a coup, which Sukarno’s loyal army suppressed. Nonetheless, because of Sukarno’s sympathy toward the communists, General Suharto, who led Sukarno’s loyal Army to repulse the coup, eased the president from power and Sukarno was placed under house arrest in 1968; he remained there until his death.

    General Suharto was born into a Muslim family; however, because of his experience as a military commander he developed deep dislike and suspicion of Communists and Islamists. The press reported half a million Indonesians—communists and others—were killed during the coup and the purge that followed. As a part of its Cold War strategy, the United States provided aid and support for General Suharto.

    The chaos and uncertainty almost certainly impacted the young Obama and, one can infer, influenced his world view. Erickson, who taught at Harvard, Yale, and other high-profile colleges, said that children are more than just biological organisms; they develop in and are influenced by the society, absorbing and taking on society’s expectations, prohibitions, and prejudices. It is Obama’s values and world view we should be looking at, not where he was born. His value system was formed outside the United States of America during the time when the United States was, in many people’s eyes, just another colonial power replacing the colonial Dutch.

    Obama’s years in Indonesia during this time could explain why Obama has gone to such lengths to downplay the exceptionalism of America. To him, during those years, America likely was not exceptional—it was another colonial power largely responsible for anxiety and discomfiture in his formative years. This is speculation, of course. Obama has been so secretive about his personal life it is difficult to find empirical

    People in the best position to understand this dynamic are psychologists—the least likely to report what they know. This writer did graduate work in Guidance and Counseling, studying the theories of Adler and Erikson; he worked as a therapist at a community mental health center before a mid-life career change took him to law school. A psychologist friend from his mental health days confirmed, off the record, that the child development comments herein were “spot on” but declined to be interviewed for this piece. No surprise—he told me he was a “strong Obama supporter.”

    In contrast, I have another friend, born to German parents, who grew up in Nazi Germany and lived through the allied bombing. He witnessed a bomb run on a railroad; being a curious kid, oblivious to the danger, he ran toward the bombs to see what was causing all the bright flashes. He was rescued by an air raid warden who grabbed him and bodily dragged him into an air raid shelter.

    He appears to be well adjusted emotionally. He said my theory—based on his experience—is not necessarily true. People live through chaotic times and still turn out well. I agree. He is now a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and offers psychotherapy using EEG Neurofeedback.

    One must consider, however, that his war experiences were over before he reached Erikson’s critical Stage 4.

    At any rate, the writer does not presume to know Obama’s psyche; but based on a series of bad decisions by this White House it is time someone asked the question: “Is Obama actions just misguided or is he deliberately trying to damage America?”

  3. Revealed: The Destroyer of Obama’s Tyranny

    (One of the following will stop the runaway train called “Obama” and will be famous forever! Check everyone listed and guess who will achieve this:)

    A Republican; a Democrat; an Independent; a Chinese dissident; a Muslim jihadist; a talk show host; a teenager on meds; a movie star; a White House policeman; a Black rap artist; Michelle Obama; a Jewish columnist; a 90-year-old jogger; a death row inmate; YOU; a member of a Russian garden club; a Wall Street insider; a perennial lottery loser; a Secret Service agent; a recently discovered superbug; a vengeful pig farmer; a 105-year-old Tea Party member; a mad Army general; a gay alien from the Exonica Galaxy; the world’s first transgendered dog, or one of Obama’s live-in relatives.

    (The correct answer, buried above, is three letters long and in caps. For more on the same tyrant, Google “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up” and also “WHITE HOUSE-GROWN TERRORISTS starring Obaba Black Sheep…”)

  4. Using a FAKE QUOTE attributed falsely to Jefferson…. Not surprised. I see a lot of made up shit to push some bullshit, made up argument to attack America’s first black president- a president who, by the way, had fewer scandals than ALL of the presidents in at least the past 50 years (even less than jimmy Carter). President Reagan had the most scandals with something like 138 members of his administration questioned and/or indicted for crimes.

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