Tennessee, Stand With Brenda Lenard for United States Senate


Brenda Lenard is the epitome of the American Dream. I will be posting links to press releases as well as news about Brenda and her campaign here.

If you believe in this country i’d urge you to support her for she stands with the people of the grassroots conservative movement. Her latest press realease regarding the Hobby Lobby case is posted below. To view her website click HERE

Freedom of Religion is not a Hobby

TN U.S. Senate 2014 Candidate, Brenda Lenard, applauds the 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in which the 2012 Affordable Care Act, cornerstone legislation for the current Administration and the Democratic Party, was struck down with regards to the mandatory contraception provision and those corporations which are closely held by a few individuals. That is, when corporations are essentially an extension of those who own them.

Brenda Lenard said, “What a great day for religious liberty in these United States of America! That people of moral conviction need not be forced to comply with the secular wishes of the state when it comes to providing contraception as a part of health care coverage for their employees.”

“That in order for a man or woman to enter the corporate world by starting their own business they do not have to leave their heart felt and deeply held religious beliefs at the door.”

Lenard continued, “It has been a long and perilous journey from the days of our founding when there was to be no state mandated religion to the current time when the state and the courts are openly hostile to our being ‘One Nation Under God.’ It was good to see this decision handed down today on the side of religious liberty.”

Considering herself “a reluctant legislator,” like our Forefathers, Brenda Lenard is running for the U.S. Senate in the State of Tennessee to help return America to the Constitutional principles of liberty and the rule of law; those pillars of strength which made America exceptional by providing exceptional opportunities for all the citizenry, not just the elites

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