As Falls America, So Falls The Rest Of The World



Whether it’s the Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Egypt, Iraq and Iran, or China and Japan, the world itself is beginning to fall into chaos. At the same time our own country has become just as chaotic. Whether it’s the crisis at our border and illegal immigration, the IRS and DOJ targeting, the NSA spying, the out of control debt, or the unilateral action’s taken by the President himself, confusion and disarray have become today’s status quo.

In times such as these the country needs a leader whom isn’t afraid to make basic decisions. One whom set’s aside his political indifference by giving priority to policy for the good of the country. Unfortunately, our country has Barack Obama, whom Col. Ralph Peters describes as, “a man who was elected President of a country he doesn’t really like, and whose population he distrusts, who believes America is the problem, and who’s military he despises”.

Since being sworn into office, Barack Obama has done more damage to our country in 5 years, 5 months, and 29 days, then almost any President has done before him. Upon his inauguration on January 20, 2009, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. As of July 17, 2014, the national debt stands at $17.6 trillion. Barack Obama has accumulated, in just 5.5 years, close to $7 trillion dollars in debt. At this rate Obama is set to literally accumulate more debt by the end of his presidency than any other President before him combined.

With this astronomical accumulation of debt in mind, a CBO report released on Tuesday reminds us that a looming crisis is fast approaching. The CBO report identified the primary drivers of the rising debt to be the aging of the population and rising healthcare spending. This trend was accelerated by Obamacare due to the increase in Medicaid spending and subsidies for individuals to purchase insurance on government-run exchanges.

In short, Barack Obama’s signature health care law will push the debt to unsustainable levels.

This looming crisis is important to remember as the law itself was created by Obama. The “humanitarian crisis” at our southern border today follows Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program was pushed through unilaterally by Obama and created the so-called “Dreamers” as children would not face deportation upon arriving here illegally.

Before 2012 an average of 7,000 to 8,000 undocumented illegal immigrant minors were captured attempting to cross our border each year. This fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2014, federal officials have estimated that number could reach 80,000. Officials further estimate at least 150,000 – 160,000 more will try next year.

With this increase in illegal Aliens set to rise without any plans of deportations, the taxpayers will foot their bill with money we simply do not have. These two policies, Obamacare and DACA, will push our nations debt to a level that is literally unsustainable.

The reality of the situation surrounding the illegal immigration crisis will become much worse if the Obama administration does not take into account the security of our border’s.Unfortunately, the administration won’t, as their party has demonstrated that they live in a reality far removed from what is actually happening.

For instance, on Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) asserted that “the border is secure“, despite the massive surge that has overwhelmed federal agencies on our border. Reid wasn’t alone in this belief as Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) on CBS’ Face the Nation stated “the border is secure” due to the, “children handling themselves over to the Border Patrol Agents“. This kind of belief perpetuated by Obama and his party outright rejects the truth of what is actually happening not only here in America, but across the globe.

On Monday, White House press Secretary Josh Ernest epitomized Obama’s detachment from reality in regards to his actions by stating they have “substantially improved the tranquillity of the global community“. Which actions Obama has taken to further such “global tranquillity” is anyones guess as the world today appears anything but tranquil.

If we look to the Ukraine and Russia for evidence of such tranquillity we find anything but, as on Thursday 298 civilians were killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by a Russian BUK surface-to-air missile.

On the very same day, war broke out in another section of the world as Israel launched its ground offensive into Gaza in response to repeated and relentless rocket fire from the terrorist organization Hamas.

If we look to Iraq and Syria we find that a new and ever-growing terrorist organization has come to power under the name of ISIS, aka, The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

If we look to China and Japan, specifically the South China Sea, we find that China has become more assertive and more aggressive as it threatens our ally in Japan with provocations regarding the Japanese held Senkaku Islands.

Lt. Oliver North summed up Obama’s foreign policy on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom when asked about the growing list of foreign policy issues: “Putin takes a bite out of another country and remains defiant; Islamic radicals take a third of Iraq; Iranians may get the legal right to enrich uranium; and Hamas is pounding our staunch ally, Israel…. Do we have a strong foreign policy?”

The retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel replied, “No. The words ‘be patient and determined’ are code words for this administration saying, ‘We don’t know what the hell we’re doing and we’re trying to find a strategy’ – because they have neither.”

In the words of John Fund, “All of Washington is talking about our detached President“, so why aren’t we?



  1. Obama has moved the country back generations on many fronts. As America slept, in the last 5.5 years, the World has been rearming itself, as we reduced our weapon systems. Geopolitical forces look upon this nation as the weak man on the block. Obama introduced chaos into American policies both here and abroad. Bottom line: Ineptitude and incompetence, from our leadership, has created a nation the Founders could never have perceived.

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