A Nation Of Men, Not Of Laws


The concept that America is “a nation of laws, not of men” is paramount to understanding what defines a republic. “A nation of laws” means that laws, not people, rule. Everyone is to be governed by the same laws, regardless of their position; whether it is the most common American or Members of Congress, high-ranking bureaucrats or the President of the Unites; all must be held to the just laws of America. No one is, or can be allowed to be, above the law.

Unfortunately, to define our country in such terms as it exists today would be contrary to the reality of what our nation has become; one not of laws, but of men. Politically motivated issues acting on emotion instead of reason and a matter of fact have given way to laws designed for reasons other than justice.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the supporters whom have backed Barack Obama‘s impending executive actions regarding immigration.

The latest example of such support comes from California Gov. Jerry Brown as he welcomed Mexican President Enrique Pena to a crowd of supporters at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on tuesday. Brown showed his support to the immigrants in the audience by declaring that it didn’t matter whether or not they were here legally or illegally, they are “all welcome in California today”.

By defying federal law in looking to exploit his states’ own immigration policy, Gov. Brown was received with overwhelmingly support. Yet, when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law SB1070, which strengthen her states’ immigration policy, she was met with overwhelming opposition.

In a statement that would seem to contradict what Gov. Brown is supporting, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found that SB1070 will “divert resources from the federal government’s other responsibilities and priorities”. In denying the law from being implemented, Gov. Brewer was attacked by the court which justified its position under the pre-emption that the “federal government has been given the exclusive power to regulate immigration law”.

The federal government has chosen to selectively enforce the law against those who would like to strengthen it while ignoring those who seek to exploit it and are actively breaking it.

The Mayor’s office in Chicago is another such case.

On April 11th Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that “the city, for the first time, is opening up nearly 23,000 city-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students. Amazingly, the Mayor of Chicago is not only promoting the breaking of our laws, he is incentivizing it by rewarding illegal immigrants jobs in order to “support talented young people who are committed to their education, building their job skills, and bettering their communities”.

This is music to the ears of supporters like Illinois Rep. Luis V. Gutirrez whom has called on Obama to “give amnesty to millions of our people”, including the family members and parents of illegal immigrants. The repercussions of such actions would be detrimental to the legal citizens of our country.

“As a result”, states Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, “millions here illegally will be able to compete for any job in America – taking jobs needed by American workers”.

Growing out of personal misconduct, gross neglect, and habitual disregard of public interests, the nation of laws degenerates from political whims into a nation of men.

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