Terrorism With Apologies To Islam

22dc21507-1On Thursday, Alton Nolen committed an act of terrorism in middle America as he beheaded a woman and stabbed another at a Vaughan Foods processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma.

On Friday the mainstream media decided to report it and in typical fashion by whitewashing and outright omitting the fact that Nolen had converted to Islam and was attempting to convert others working at the plant.

As our press no longer reports on these facts its important to “watch for the spin, the denial, and the obfuscation of yet another jihad attack in the U.S.“, states counter-terrorism expert Robert Spencer.

Noting how the media initially reacts is imperative to understanding how our press develops its narrative regarding terrorism. Spencer also notes to “watch for stories about how Oklahoma Muslims are afraid of backlash. Watch for the coming mainstream media reports about how the Vaughan Foods plant was rife with Islamaphobia. Not that this has anything to do with Islam, and of course it is not terrorism”.

The spin itself begins with the denial that radical Islam has nothing to do with Islam or terrorism itself. If we look to the headlines that label Thursday’s beheading “workplace violence“, we can begin to understand the false narrative. This comes with the fact that eventhough Alton Nolen’s own Facebook page shows his intent to commit jihad based upon his own statements.

Looking at his posts, specifically the one showing a picture of himself standing in front of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma, it becomes evidently clear that the media is deliberately hiding Nolen’s connection to Islam. Yet, they are not alone in committing this kind of propaganda.

For instance, Adam Soltani, the executive director of Oklahoma’s Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR, deliberately misled the public following his statements on Friday which condemned the beheading. Soltani declared that his organization “does not know Nolen” and are “currently not sure where he learned about his Islamic beliefs“.

We know this is a lie following Saturday’s revelation that proved Nolen not only attended the Islamic mosque in Oklahoma, but in fact, was taught by Suhaib Webb an Imam with ties to former al-Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki.

“Coincidentally”, Webb is now the Imam of the Boston mosque previously attended by eight known terrorists including the Tsarnev brothers, responsible for the Boston bombings and Ahmad Abousamara, whom is now the top propagandist for the Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS.

The ties to radical Islam and the evidence connecting the dots will not be reported by the media, just as they ignored the act of jihad perpetrated by Ali Muhammad Brown that resulted in the death of four Americans.

Just as they ignored the beheading of two Coptic Christians by Yusuf Ibrahim last year.

Just as they ignored “The Will of Allah” chant declared by Muslim convert Rashad Riddle as he gunned down his Christian father during church last easter. You get the point.

The common link shared between all of these killers is that they are all Muslim’s whom have committed an act of jihad against infidels as they themselves don’t deny it, but outright state it.

The motivations are omitted and more often than nought the story goes unreported and the threat goes unnoticed. In some cases the media is complacent and in others they are blatantly negligent and apologetic.

The media creates the false narrative and American’s remain unaware of how vulnerable they truly are. Until we begin to acknowledge that the threat is growing and its name is radical Islam, the more embolden we allow Islamic radical’s to become.

“What this country faces is not just a threat, it is a reality”, states Judge Jeanine Pirro. “No longer free and easy or live and let live, and now you must adapt to this frightening new reality. To them we’re the Great Satan. To them we’re the infidel”, Pirro concludes.

Whether we like it or not, whether we want to believe it or not, we are the enemy to radical Islam. To those who consider themselves to be “moderate”, the time to speak out against these terrorists is now, for the time we declare Islam our enemy is coming.



  1. Nice start, but the reality is even worse….imagine 100 people in a room and 15 “go off” 27 kind of agree with the 15, so that makes 42…58 are kind of worried or even afraid to stand up to the crowd of troublemakers, because they are violent, and all of these have doubts. This is the state of the “silent majority of Muslims” around the world. We need to prosecute any and all treasonous preaching made by these Imams, or we will pay dearly. The ones who went to join terrorist organizations like ISIS are already guilty of treason because ISIS has declared war on the U.S. They should be prosecuted immediately. Zero tolerance is the only way to control these radicals. We must begin now, or we will pay dearly until we learn and act.

  2. I assure you had an employee of CNN or MSNBC been beheaded this lowlife would have been fully vetted. Distortion and or withholding of facts is the latest methodology left wing media utilizes for moving their liberal agenda forward. Obama and Holder barely parsed a word on this tragedy. I wonder why?

    1. Because their is another scandal, a new broken law, a new abuse of power, another breach of our security and another law created that is far more important than whatever has just occurred. The vicious cycle never ends Mark!

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