The Scapegoats Of Barack Obama


On Sunday night, President Barack Obama appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes in order to blame the intelligence community for underestimating the rise of the Islamic State in Syria also known as ISIS.

This comes regardless of the fact that nearly a “dozen adminstration officials have testified to the threat posed by ISIS publicly this year”, writes Joseph Miller, a ranking Department of Defense official and contributor to Daily Caller.

By ignoring military officials, overruling commanding generals and ignoring intelligence briefings the President has chosen to act without concern by conducting limited airstrikes against a growing terrorist army of over 30,000 in both Syria and Iraq.

“The president does not think the mission is worth the cost necessary to complete it; but by pursuing his ends without authorizing the necessary means, he is dooming that mission to failure”, concludes Miller. This is the inevitable result of what happens when our commander and chief turns not only turns his back, but then places blame on our military community.

Obama had actionable intelligence on the threat and didn’t act. Now he is acting as though he was personally unaware of it even though he was before the 2012 election.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity, a national security staffer within the Obama adminstration stated on Monday that “highly accurate predictions about ISIS have been showing up in the Oval Office since before the 2012 election”. The staffer continued, “We were seeing specific threat assessments and many of them have panned out exactly as we were told they would”.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air elaborates on what this means in that the “U.S. intelligence community told him of the danger at the same time Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney during the presidential debates two years ago for wanting a residual force in Iraq to prevent exactly what Romney warned would happen”.

According to senior intelligence and military officials the “White House just didn’t pay attention to it”, it being the warnings, as “they were preoccupied with other crises”. Simply put “this just wasn’t a big priority” to the White House.

Even Peter Baker and Eric Schmitt of the New York Times noted that “by pointing to the agencies without mentioning any misjudgment of his, Mr. Obama left intelligence officials bristling about being made into scapegoats“. However, in avoiding accountability by shifting blame to virtually everyone and everything but himself, an all too familiar pattern arises surrounding the adminstration’s response.

The more the adminstration deflects, the worse each situation becomes and the further from the truth we remain.

To see this pattern in play, choose any number of scandals or crises and observe how the “buck stops everywhere” but within the White House itself. What follows is a headline that reports something like this: Obama blames “scapegoat one” for “scapegoat two” because of “scapegoat three” resulting in the real or perceived issue, threat or scandal.

These are the Obama scapegoats and luckily for the President, the goat’s are everywhere.

For example, one day Obama blames the “political shift” for the “delay in immigration” because of “congressional inaction” resulting in the humanitarian crisis on our nations border.

The next day Obama blames “Fox News” for perpetuating scandals by “boneheaded decisions” that resulted in the IRS targeting of conservative tea party groups.

The day after that Obama blames the “Founding Fathers” for the “structural design” of congress because it causes “gridlock” resulting in problems for democrats aimed at controlling the Senate and recapturing the House this 2014 mid-term election.

And the day before that Obama blames a “Youtube video” for “sparking outrage” within the Muslim world because of a “crude and disgusting” depiction it showed of the prophet of Islam ultimately resulting in a terrorism attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

The scapegoats range from a few “boneheads” in an IRS office in Cincinnati to the Founding Fathers and everything in between. The military, a commanding general, the Secret Service, Fox News, Republicans and even a local California film producer by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula have felt the heavy burden of Obama’s blame.

Some of these issues are mere politics and others are real threats. What they share in common is a theme of unaccountability that stems directly and indirectly from the President of the United States. While some of these scandals cost a seat in Washington, others cost the lives of American citizens.

If we continue to allow Barack Obama to repeat the narrative of blame, we ourselves will be doomed to an inevitable fate by the hands of the man we failed to hold accountable.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, “I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will on us if we do nothing”.

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