The Modus Operandi Of “Lone Wolf” Jihadists


What Canada witnessed on Monday as well as Wednesday and what America witnessed on Thursday were not murders committed by the mentally ill. Taken independently on a case by case basis they may appear this way, but they are not. When the media consistently runs with the narrative of attributing these murders to “lone wolf attacks“, it masks the evidence of the development of a pattern.

This pattern of behavior has become so distinctive that the manner in which it is conducted can no longer be attributed as acts of senseless violence. When the cases are examined from an overall perspective, the perspective becomes clear and the modus operandi becomes blatantly evident.

This past month alone has proved this point as the evidence and threats speak for themselves regardless of the false narrative portrayed by the media. The examples are copious beginning with the threat.

The threat was issued on October 9th. According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News, the U.S. Army issued a warning to military personnel and their families in response to a new threat by ISIS calling on its supporters to use the yellow pages and social media to find the addresses of military families and “show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.”

On October 11th a leaked internal joint intelligence bulletin issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security warned that the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) US-based sympathizers could potentially carry out attacks on law enforcement and government personnel”.

The warning also alerts U.S. law enforcement and government officials, including FBI Special Agents, to be aware of their surroundings and to monitor their families’ use of social media in order to “avoid revealing FBI or law enforcement affiliation”.


These warnings came to fruition this week in Canada and America as we witnessed the carrying out of such threats in the form of multiple murders as acts of jihad perpetrated by ISIS terrorist sympathizers.

On Monday, 25 year old ISIS sympathizer Martin Couture-Rouleau, whom had converted to Islam a year ago in Quebec, perpetuated an act of jihad that resulted in the death of a Canadian soldier. Rouleau waited for over two hours in his car in a parking lot a few kilometers from the military academy until he had the opportunity to hit two members of the Canadian Armed Forces, fatally wounding one.

The reason Rouleau did this is made explicitly clear according to a friend of Rouleau’s who stated, “he was angry that Canada supported the American bombing of [ISIS] in Syria and Iraq, I think that was the main motive in killing that Canadian Soldier .”

In July, Rouleau was reportedly going to visit Turkey. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested him at the airport and seized his passport. Why? They had suspicions that Rouleau was linked to international terrorism. He was immediately placed on a high-security list of roughly 93 individuals who had similar links to radical Islam.

On Wednesday, 34 year old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, whom had converted to Islam over 3 years ago in British Columbia, carried out a terrorist attack in Ottawa as he fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo standing guard at Ottawa’s War Memorial. He then opened fire in Parliament, which had recently opened for session, wounding another officer before he was shot dead by the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms. His actions effectively shut down the entire city of Ottawa as the city was under lockdown amidst conflicting reports of multiple gunmen.

When the identity of the terrorist was revealed to the public as that of a Muslim, Police departments throughout Canada immediately blasted a message to Imam’s and Mosque’s advising them to contact police if they “feared backlash“.

This type of apologetic response is astonishing given that the city was still locked down at the time and the Police felt the need to reassure the Muslim community rather than the Canadian public. This immediately whitewashed the narrative and took the spot light off of the Muslim community that was responsible for his “radicalization”.

So what drove Michael Zehaf-Bibeau to commit jihad? He had planned to travel back to Libya but was unable to obtain a passport due to measures taken by Canadian officials aimed at preventing “Canadians from joining extremists overseas”.

Initial reports that Bibeau was on the same list as Rouleau, signaling a possible terrorist connection, were rejected by the RCMP on Thursday. At the same time, the former was on the national security radar, had traveled to Syria (now home of the Islamic State), and reportedly had connections with ISIS terrorists.

On Thursday, 32 year old radical Muslim Zale Thompson attacked 4 NYPD Officers in the middle of the day on a street in Queens, New York. Thompson, armed with a hatchet, charged the officers from behind critically striking one over the head and another over the arm before being shot dead. Law enforcement sources say a look into Thompson’s chatter online revealed he had ties to a radical U.S.-based radical islamic leader who advocated aggression against the American government.

A quick look at Thompson’s facebook page reveals that he was indeed motivated by jihad as he stated “If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad!”.

Thompson went even further declaring that “Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to jihad!” He obviously choose the later.

Yet, even more revealing is the social media connections Thompson had with not only sympathizers to ISIS but as well as the New Black Panther Party.


The modus operandi of the Jihad, states Chuck Morse,”is to kill as many infidels as possible as a means of ushering in a world of Islam”, the Islamic caliphate. Their doctrines specifically call for the killing of infidels who refuse to submit. When this is understood, the mystery surrounding the motive for the attack on the Canadian Soldiers and the NYPD officers, dissipates. The nature of the enemy becomes crystal clear.

While the media continues to downplay this by insisting that these killers are mentally ill individuals committing senseless acts of violence with nothing to do with Islam, the repeated consistent pattern proves quiet the contrary. We can no longer ignore the threat as evidence has shown that our families, friends, co-workers and neighbors, are the targets.





  1. The feared backlash against Muslims, messages sent to Imams and mosques by police in the wake of these type of events is the policy of political correctness being micro-managed. We’re it not for micro managers in every sector of business and service industry, political correctness would have rotted on the ash heap several decades ago. As the virtues required for leaders to exist also fall upon the ash heap, the rise of the managerial system has been on the rise since the early 80’s.

    There is a pecking order within which to climb the ladder in law enforcement. Formerly it had been membership in the Masonic Fraternal Order of Police lodge. While that has never gone out of fashion; it’s effectiveness has also been sent spinning toward the ash heap as well. Replacing it amidst the uninspiring affirmative action applicants has been those sent outside the hallowed halls of police nepotism, ending up at the famed 60 hour E.S.T.seminars. Anyone from “up and comers” to promising supervisory middle managers to requisite attendance of command staff elites; found that group think, self assessment at the embarrassing risk of being torn to shreds by your fellow seminar attendees could overhaul and replace “self-value” based on out dated Christian virtues with group think new outlook approaches to managing police problems and emerging issues. Topped off with MBA degrees from local universities and funded by federal law enforcement assistance grants next saw these new law enforcement managers being sent off to Quantico, Virginia and the FBI Academy. Successful completion and the obligatory “oath of office as a federal agent” prior to returning to one’s respective law enforcement organization sewed the fertile ground in law enforcement in North America’s leadership ranks with a substitution of leaders with manager of group think. Salve of Sedition and betrayal of one’s Oath of Office is to take a replacement “oath of office.” Orwell and his blue & red pills could not be more well pleased.

    Fast forward to the unfolding events of this current decade; already twenty two years into the abysmal debacle of the DOJ/FBI imposed practice of Community Based Policing in North America the “E.S.T – Quantico” micro-management machine adeptly sedates each new terror event that otherwise confirms in the minds of the public and media who possess the ability to think critically, objectively and with clarity and that actually manages to stay within the lines of reason, that at this excellent article of PoliticallyShort details; that “there’s no nexus to terror, ad nauseum.

    The origins of the politically correct tool of Cultural Marxism is the emphasis added to this outstanding article which explains why the police coddle the Muslims and ignore the victims and general public at large.

    The managers in Ottawa and on Pennsylvania Avenue simply put, “salute another flag.”

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Michael E Fannng, LAPD Sergeant, Retired

  2. My apologies for omitting the slightly interest anecdote that E.S.T seminars were a spin off of Scientology; which itself was created in the bowels of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

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