America’s Fifth Column

“It is when the majority in a country becomes weak, indifferent and confused that a criminal minority, beautifully organized like all gangs, seizes the power”, wrote Ayn Rand in her open letter To All Fifth Columnist.

Speaking about the tragedy of today, Rand concludes that “by remaining unorganized, mentally unarmed, indifferent and confused, we are serving as innocent Fifth Columnists of our own destruction”.

This indifference in America to cultural issues that we believe are seemingly unimportant is akin to the appalling fascination of watching a man being hanged with the slowly dawning realization that it is a reflection in a mirror. The effect of remaining indifferent while we ourselves tighten the noose is compounded by our nation’s steady departure from our Judeo-Christian heritage.

David Chilton of the Institute for Christian Economics notes that this “departure from Christianity has caused our democratic anti-Christian tradition to bring forth its suicidal fruit”.

“The culture is collapsing under its own weight; it is sacrificing its children on the altar of self-consistency”, writes Chilton.

While America’s culture, values and identity was founded upon and guided by the religious principles espoused in Christianity, we can no longer remain idle as our nation has come under attack by those within America’s Fifth Column.

The culture is collapsing with little resistance by conservatives as most remain unaware of the nature of the threat we are facing. The threat comes from those within the Democrat party who label themselves as progressives.

They are actually a Fifth Column operating within our country actively opposed to our values and on the offensive targeting our cultural framework.

“The Left seeks to destroy you by degrading the things that you value”, writes Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag.

Greenfield notes that this “Culture War” waged by the Left “destroys the culture of the otherside because that is the source of its values…its values must be destroyed as an abstract, its organizations must be destroyed to prevent those values from being conveyed and the individuals own values must be destroyed, in that order”.

In simpler terms, the Culture War begins by attacking abstract ideas, then organizations and finally people as individuals are defined by their values of which we gain strength and identity from.

Greenfield writes, “to defeat them, you must devalue their sense of self and convince them that what they saw as worthwhile is really worthless”. That will destroy their resistance and individualism.

If you’re truly a conservative, you must understand that within America today, you will be attacked by the Left for practicing your beliefs.

What happened to a Christian-owned pizza parlor in Indiana this week is endemic of the larger war being waged throughout the country against those of the Christian faith.

The Fifth Column within the media and the gay community this week set its sights on destroying the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) passed in Indiana, which simply preserved the right of religious people to act according to their rights in their businesses.

It didn’t take long for reporters in Indiana, aided by the gay community, to make “an example” of a vendor that would use the RFRA to decline their services for a gay wedding.

That vendor just so happened to be Memories Pizza, an explicitly Christian business that was crucified by the Left for a misconstrued statement posed by a hypothetical question.

When approached by a reporter from ABC 57, owner Crystal O’ Connor stated, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no”. Even though the O’ Connor family stated that they would “never deny them service”, the gay community and the mainstream media distorted their statement and set about using Memories Pizza to push the false narrative that RFRA allowed discrimination.

Now that Indiana Republicans, on Thursday, caved to the pressure from the Left by amending the RFRA without defending the original bill or explaining the false narrative that was pushed to destroy Memories Pizza, the RFRA will now be used as a weapon.

Ben Shapiro of Breitbart explains that the amended RFRA will be “used as a weapon against religious Americans in Indiana who believe that homosexuality is a sin, since the [amended] law now affirmatively prohibits a religious freedom defense with regard to failure to serve gays and lesbians”.

In less than a week a completely false narrative was pushed, a Christian owned business was attacked and forced to close, and the Left, who sought out to destroy the religious freedom initially protected under the law, succeeded.

This is how a Fifth Column goes about destroying the culture of a country unprepared to defend itself and indifferent to the assault it is under.

In this case, the Fifth Column was comprised of the gay community aided by the mainstream media as they used the false interpretation of a law to fabricate the facts surrounding a Christian businesses hypothetical response in order to push their agenda.

False narratives are pushed relentlessly by the Fifth Column until they give way to actions over issues that are seemingly endless. The Left perceives to have the power to change our culture, laws and institutions by simply making the claim of absolute truth about an issue that simply doesn’t exist.

Change the actors, rewind the clock, and look at what happened in Ferguson, Missouri to see another example of the Fifth Column’s war on our culture. In Ferguson it was the police, in Indiana it was Christian businesses.

Yet, rather than fighting this agenda that is being pushed, Conservatives for the most part remain indifferent and just accept what is becoming a fait accompli. Our freedom is slowly eroding. Remaining indifferent today, will soon no longer become a choice.

Ayn Rand concluded, “Freedom must not be sacrificed to any other ideal, Freedom is an individual, not a collective entity”.

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