Key Questions Raised by New Spy Revelation Ahead of Horowitz Report

The following is an excerpt of my article in Epoch Times.

The latest leak to The New York Times on May 3 revealed that yet another FBI informant, Azra Turk, had targeted George Papadopoulos, an aide to then-candidate Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Turk, whose name is fake—her real name is still unknown—claimed she was a research assistant wanting to meet with Papadopoulos to talk about foreign policy. In reality, she was a “government investigator” sent to London by the FBI to gather intelligence about whether or not the Trump campaign was working with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

Turk appears to have flirted with Papadopoulos, sending him emails after their meeting saying it was the “highlight” of her trip to London and that she was “excited about what the future holds for us :).”

It has been alleged that Papadopoulos told Australian diplomat to the United Kingdom, Alexander Downer, about Russia having emails belonging to Hillary Clinton. Papadopoulos, however, has denied the claim, asserting that he doesn’t remember sharing the rumor with Downer. This alleged relaying of gossip was seemingly enough for the U.S. government under the Obama administration to send informants to try and entrap Trump campaign officials.

One is left pondering: How many FBI informants were run against Trump’s people? Were there other “honey traps” such as Turk sent to flirt with and extract information from Trump aides in the hope of using the information to continue to justify their spying?

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