Bernie Sanders and the Folly of Socialism

It is truly remarkable these days to witness how easily one’s ideology can be ignored when the goal of the present is to achieve power upon those who cannot see beyond tomorrow. By this I mean the current state of the Democrat party and their leading candidate, Bernie Sanders. What Sanders represents openly is nothing more than what the Democrat party represents quietly. Though mainstream Democrats do not openly claim to be communists, socialists, or marxists, they have replaced those labels in favor of being called “progressives,” their tactics and true intentions have never wavered. None want Sanders to be the face of their party but none will ultimately challenge the ideological goals in which he represents. No, Bernie is not a “Democratic socialist,” he is simply a socialist and what he believes in is easily identifiable: Power.

The goal of a socialist like Bernie is to prey on the hopes and dreams of those who truly do not understand the means he must use to achieve his end. Sanders will champion any issue that he must in order to swallow up the minds of those who believe he is looking after their best interest. It’s easy to claim to a bunch of college students that as president you will give them free tuition, free healthcare, and a guaranteed job, but what is more difficult is to explain what you must do in order for these ends to be achieved. The fact that no one bothers to question Sanders on the means he will use if he becomes president to make these hopes and dreams a reality is quite stunning.

Although past attempts by socialist movements to create a social order based on false intellectual doctrines have ultimately failed, for those like Sanders and his quiet loyal followers that make up the Democrat party’s progressive base, they remain steadfast in their pursuit to achieve power for themselves and the state. The false intellectual doctrines I’m referring to are those in which promises are made to collective groups that always require the destruction of the individual. It’s not hard to imagine what would happen under a Sanders presidency, as the only way to achieve his goal of socialism would require the annihilation of what remains of our forgotten republic. Free tuition and free healthcare alone would cost trillions of dollars a year and require a massive tax increase to the point in which almost no one would have an incentive to work.

While Bernie attacks the “billionaire class” and champions a wealth tax on the top one-tenth of one percent — which he claims would raise a total of $4.35 trillion — he neglects to provide any further insight on the ramifications. So, let’s say he increases taxes as promised and the top one percent decides to leave this country, hide their wealth, or reduce what they earn either through accounting or decreased work, what will happen then? And when you realize you cannot raise trillions by increasing taxes and expect those with wealth to remain in this country when they can keep more of their earnings elsewhere, you will be forced to raise taxes on the next wealthiest class and so on. Eventually the hard truth will set in and those in the middle class and below will realize that their own taxes will have to be increased dramatically to pay for the “free” things you promised them.

As Bernie Sanders said in an interview with Stephen Colbert back in September 2019, all income over $29,000 would be taxed in order to pay for his Medicare for All plan. Sanders stated the following: “Is healthcare free? No, it is not. So what we do is exempt the first $29,000 of a person’s income. You make less than $29,000, you pay nothing in taxes. Above that, in a progressive way, with the wealthiest people paying the largest percentage, people do pay more in taxes.“

Now remember this is just for his Medicare for all plan. Once you apply this logic to all of his other “free” plans you can begin to understand some of the means in which Bernie will use to achieve the end goal of his socialism: Dependency upon the government. The more you make, the less you take home in income while the less you make, the more you become dependent on the state for your welfare.

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