Trump: Mueller should have never been chosen, he wanted the FBI Director job and didn’t get it, the next day he was picked as Special Counsel.


President Donald Trump spoke this morning to the press to give his reaction to Robert Mueller’s farewell performance yesterday and rightly blasted the Special Counsel for his conflict of interest.

Transcript from Grabien:

TRUMP: “I think he’s totally conflicted because as you know, he wanted to be the FBI director and I said no. As you know, I had a business dispute with him after he left the FBI. We had a business dispute. Not a nice one, he wasn’t — he wasn’t happy with what I did, and I don’t blame him but I had to do it because that was the right thing to do. But I had a business dispute. And he loves Comey. You look at the relationship that those two, so whether it’s love or deep like, but he should — he was conflicted.

Look, Robert Mueller should have never been chosen because he wanted the FBI job and he didn’t get it, and the next day he was picked as special counsel. So you tell somebody, I’m sorry, you can’t have the job and then after you say that, he’s going to make a ruling on you, it doesn’t work that way. Plus, we had a business dispute, plus his relationship with Comey was extraordinary. Now one other thing I’ll say, why didn’t he investigate Strzok and Page and McCabe and Comey and all the lies, and Brennan and the lies, and Clapper and the lies to Congress, and all of the things that happened to start this investigation?

Why didn’t Comey come clean? Why didn’t Comey come clean and say the things that he knows are fact? Why didn’t Mueller investigate Comey, his best friend or his very good friend? And there’s so many other things. Here’s the question. This is a study of Russia. Why didn’t they invest the insurance policy? In other words, should Hillary Clinton lose, we’ve got an insurance policy. Guess what? What we’re in right now is the insurance policy.

I think he is a total conflicted person. I think Mueller is a true never Trumper. He’s somebody that dislikes Donald Trump. He’s somebody that didn’t get a job that he requested that he wanted very badly, and then he was appointed. And despite that, and despite $40 million, 18 Trump haters, including people that work for Hillary Clinton and some of the worst human beings on Earth, they got nothing. It’s pretty amazing.”