The Price of Resettling Refugees in America


The sovereignty of America is quietly being eroded as details have emerged surrounding the Obama administrations proposed budget for 2017 in regards to the resettlement of refugees and illegal aliens in our cities and towns. In early February of 2016 the Obama administration unveiled their plans under the innocuous sounding budget proposal for fiscal year 2017 (FY 2017) titled the Administration For Children and Families Refugee and Entrant Assistance program.

The Refugee and Entrant Assistance account, according to the proposal, helps refugees, asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Survivors of torture, Special Immigrant Visa holders, and trafficking victims to become integrated and successful members of American society. The requested budget by the President for fiscal year 2017, which begins October 1, 2016, is $2,184,860,000. According to the White House over $2 billion in funds are needed in order to “support a total of 213,000 ‘humanitarian arrivals’ in Fiscal Year 2017, including 100,000 refugees, consistent with the administrations commitment to admit at least this number of refugees in 2017.”

Moreover, the account is also responsible for coordinating and implementing the care and placement of illegal aliens, which the administration refers to as “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UC) who are apprehended by immigration authorities while their immigration cases are pending and referred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). The UC program provides shelter, counseling, medical care, legal services, and other support services to children in ORR custody. Meaning, not only is the administration not deporting these individuals, but they are also paying for their legal services in order to challenge in court the very laws they have just broken. The FY 2017 request also includes $1,226,000,000 in base funding for the UC program, which is an increase of $278,000,000 from FY 2016 enacted level (of $948,000,000) and the same total resource level.

Anticipating that there will be more refugees and more “unaccompanied children” flowing across our southern border later this year, the Obama administration budget request creates a contingency fund that would trigger additional funding of another $400,000,000. In Obama speak, this basically means that this “contingency fund” will be drained.

In short, the U.S. Refugee Resettlement business is massive and includes both government and non-governmental organizations as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) works in conjunction with the Health and Human Services (HHS) department in order to uphold what they label as “America’s humanitarian response to refugees through the U.S. Resettlement Program (USRP).”

According to the ORR website, once the United Nations and U.S. embassies refer refugee cases for resettlement consideration, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers at DHS conduct individual interviews and clearances, and final determinations for admission. From there, the State Department’s Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) coordinates admissions and allocations to specific cities and resettlement agencies, in conjunction with nine national voluntary agencies that oversee a network of some 250 affiliates in 49 states plus the District of Columbia through the Reception & Placement Program.

The nine national voluntary agencies, also known as VOLAGs, operate under the auspices of being “charitable” and “religious” organizations while they receive billions of dollars from the federal government to resettle refugees and asylees without any input whatsoever from the citizens living in the cities and towns in which the refugees are resettled. These ‘Voluntary Agencies’ known as VOLAGs are listed below with their acronyms and can be viewed by clicking on each agency:

CWS – Church World Service

ECDC – Ethiopian Community Development Council

HIAS – Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

IRC – International Rescue Committee

LIRS – Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

CC/USCCB – Catholic Charities/U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

USCRI – U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

EMM – Episcopal Migration Ministries WRI World Relief Inc.

Additionally, there are 350 subcontractors in 190 cities affiliated with the nine main refugee VOLAGs. Moreover, as the ORR website explains, from the date of arrival, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) at HHS provides short-term cash and medical assistance to new arrivals, as well as case management services, English as a Foreign Language classes, and job readiness and employment services – all designed to facilitate refugees successful transition in the U.S., and help them to attain self-sufficiency. The cities and towns where these nine VOLAGs are currently operating is listed below. To view the map in full simply click on the image provided by the State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

These nine non-governmental organizations have been awarded over $4 billion in awards and grants since 2008 and represent an enormous threat to the sovereignty of our nation as they lobby congress to push for more refugees and in turn more money. It’s a symbiotic relationship in which most Americans are deliberately kept in the dark about while congress is outright complicit in continuing to fund it. As James Simpson of the Center for Security Policy notes that due to these nine VOLAGs being non-governmental organizations, “they can and do lobby for advantageous changes to law and build allies in congress and the bureaucracy, all fertilized by an open spigot of taxpayer dollars.” While it may seem complicating given that there are numerous departments, agencies, programs, and organizations working in conjunction to undermine our nation, it all boils down to money in the form of “resettling” refugees and illegals throughout our country.

The Obama administration and the media as well as congress for that matter would like to keep you in the dark about this. Yet, hidden on page 269 of the 469 page Obama budget proposal is an extremely startling statistic in regards to how many refugees, Special Immigrant Visas, Cuban and Haitian Entrants, Trafficking victims, and Unaccompanied Alien Children this administration has admitted into the country. The chart below outlines this astronomical amount and can be found on page 269 of the President’s Budget request for the Administration for Children and
Families (ACF).

Since 2009 the grand total of individuals this administration has admitted into our country is 1,034,277. This is astounding given that the administration is now calling for a quarter of a million people to be admitted in 2017 while asking for over $2 billion in funds and if you think a Republican controlled congress would never dare to allocate such funds for this invasion, think again because the budget proposal notes that the Republican controlled congress in 2015 allocated $1,396,313,000 for the Refugee and Entrant Assistance program while further increasing the funding in 2016 to a total of $1,952,691,000. The FY 2017 request includes $1,226,000,000 in base funding for the UC program, which is an increase of $278,000,000 from the FY 2016 enacted level of $948,000,000.

The sheer amount of money being allocated by congress to fund what is essentially an invasion of the third-world in the form of refugees and illegal aliens is outright treasonous in my opinion. For example, there is no way that congress has been aloof as funding for illegal immigrant children or “unaccompanied children” over the past five years alone has jumped from $267,211,000 in 2012 to $948,000,000 in 2016. Moreover, congress is also allowing this administration to ignore the national security implications of allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees, particularly from Syria, to flood our country even as the FBI has stated that they have no way of properly vetting the 2,500 Syrian refugees that we’ve already accepted.

So what can the ordinary American citizen do to stop the invasion of our nation? For starters, visit the Refugee Processing Center Affiliate Directory listed here and become aware of these organizations operating in your state. Contact these organizations via email, phone, or directly at their address and let them know you’re aware of their agenda. Furthermore, use that directory as a reference and contact your local and state representatives. Demand that these organizations be shut down if they are operating in your city or town. Do not let your representative claim ignorance and if they refuse to listen to you, let them know that you will do everything in your power to ensure that they are never elected again. Remember it is all about money for these various “charitable” and “religious” non-governmental organizations. They don’t give a damn about your safety or your concerns, they only care about remaining on the government payroll. It’s past time that we the people do everything we can to get them off of it.

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